A letter to myself…

I thought I was fully over you. Lock-down hasn’t helped, feeling alone hasn’t helped. Dating apps definitely don’t help. They just fill the void of you not being here anymore. I am over you. I don’t miss you specifically anymore. I miss what was, I miss the old you that loved me and cared for […]

Wait for a good love

After being in a long-term relationship, I came out of it feeling very insecure and a “what is wrong with me?” attitude. I looked at all my flaws and really reflected on myself. Do I weigh too much? Do I not make enough effort? Am I not lovable? Am I not funny enough? It’s easy […]

It’s okay to not always be moving forward

I’ve worked so hard on my own personal growth that I feel I should now be in a place where my happiness is constant – that’s not realistic and it’s completely fine. My personal growth has been focused on moving on from a breakup, loving myself for who I am and dealing with being alone. […]

Learning to love being alone

It is more than ok if you have not yet found the power to become the love of your own life. Finding love isn’t everything in life – no matter what social media portrays and wants you to think. Love starts within you and I honestly feel like the first step to start this journey […]

Know Your Worth, Know Yourself

Knowing and understanding yourself inside and out sounds easy. Until I went through one of the hardest times of my life, I was finally alone, and I realised I didn’t know myself that well at all. I’d never learnt to be fully alone. I was a week into being single and I asked my best […]

If you’re going through the transition period…

I am a new person without them. Some might say a better person, some might think worse, but I am me and this is how I’m coping each day, moving forward. The transition period of a breakup is daunting. You want to be happy; you try to make yourself happy but you’re not fully there […]

The Power of Small Steps

Everything in the world right now feels uncertain. It hasn’t made life easy. Even before these moments, life was not easy. A lot of us have used this free time to try and become a better person in ourselves. When we want to make a change in our lives, people automatically think it should be […]

Read This When You’ve Lost All Hope…

It’s hard to see the light and the joy when you’ve lost all hope. Life happens—the world isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. You feel like you have been torn down yet again. It becomes tiring and draining to constantly pick yourself back up again and again. It’s hard to understand what you’ve done to deserve […]

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